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Traffic violations often result in simple fines. But with frequent violations or a severe enough crime, you could end up losing your license and ability to drive. Michael J. Sgarlat can help you argue against your charges and protect your right to stay on the road.

From simple speeding tickets to DUIs, you can call our traffic attorney for all kinds of traffic law cases. He will review your case and explain your options so you can make an informed decision about the future of your case. Contact our DUI and speeding ticket attorney serving Alexandria, VA and Fairfax and Prince William counties today.

3 reasons to hire an attorney

3 reasons to hire an attorney

It might be tempting to just accept the charges, pay the fine and be done with it. But there are plenty of reasons to hire a traffic attorney to help with your case. Attorney Sgarlat can…

  1. Negotiate with the judge to help you receive reduced penalties and lower fines
  2. Help you avoid having your license suspended or receiving potential jail time
  3. Work to reinstate your license as quickly as possible if it is suspended

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