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Whether you’re just starting a divorce or want to modify an existing arrangement, you need a skilled family law attorney on your side. Your family is important, and Michael J. Sgarlat can help you avoid being taken advantage of. Our divorce attorney is based in Alexandria, VA and serves Fairfax and Prince William counties. You can work with attorney Sgarlat to…

  • File for divorce and make sure your marital assets are divided fairly
  • Set up child support and alimony agreements to make sure your child is provided for
  • Protect your rights as a parent with a child custody or visitation agreement

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The benefits of an attorney

The benefits of an attorney

If you and your spouse are still on friendly terms, you might not think a divorce attorney is necessary. But you'll appreciate having a skilled attorney on your side. Divorces often become heated once money and children enter the picture, and attorney Sgarlat will protect your rights and help you receive a favorable outcome to your divorce.

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